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  • Hann Chair Spring Repair

    50 photos

    The client loved her old 1930's chair with the mohair covering. However, the springs and padding were shot. We took the chair apart, retied the seat and back springs, and added new padding to those areas. Then we put the old cover back on the chair. Now she has that much-loved old chair, with the original fabric, back in usable condition.

  • Perf Sofa Repair

    9 photos

    The seams that attached the back cushions had come unsewn. We resewed the seams by hand.

  • Chur Cushion Repair

    13 photos

    The seams of the cushion were unraveling. We took the sames apart, trimmed the unraveling yarn, applied Fray Check seam sealant, resewed the seams, and restuffed the cushion

  • Bern Rocker Seat Repair

    18 photos

    The foam in the seat had deteriorated, but the cover was still in good shape. We took the seat covering off, replaced the foam, and reattached the seat cover.

  • Vaug Cushion Repair

    9 photos

    The cushion(s) had pet damage (holes torn in the fabric). We used the fabric from the arm covers to repair the damage.

  • Crisp Footstool Repair

    23 photos

    Repaired pet damage. A pet had chewed a hole in the corner of the cover and the top foam. We used one of the under flaps of the skirt to patch the hole.