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  • McCo Antique Sofa

    121 photos

    We took this antique sofa down to the frame and rebuilt everything.The seat was broken down, as it was manufactured without any springs in the sofa. We completely redid the seat. It is rare for a sofa to be made without any springs. The frame was wobbly and had to be reglued. Now the piece has been thoroughly reconditioned and is now a showpiece once again.

  • Johns Antique Sofa

    73 photos

    This album only contains the first part of the pictures, that of tearing down the sofa. The pictures of how we rebuilt this sofa have not yet been uploaded.

  • Kirk Antique Chair

    72 photos

  • Donoh Antique Loveseat

    149 photos

    This was a family treasure that had seen better days. When the owner was a young girl she had helped her grandpa recover this loveseat. With his limited skills he had did what he could, removing the original springs in the seat and back, he replace these with what he had available, a low quality foam.

    Coming to us, the client wanted this loveseat, using modern materials, brought back similar to its original condition and use. These pictures and slideshow show the step by step process of how the loveseat was rebuilt and strengthed. What a beauty is turned out to be!

  • Curt Antique Chair

    71 photos