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  • Christenson Sofa

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  • Forbes Sofa

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    This dearly loved sofa came to our shop needing to be revived.The fabric is from Charlotte Fabrics: 2681 Cocoa, a soft but durable fabric with a durability rating of 175,00 double rubs.

    The sofa came into the shop with one broken seat spring. The seats springs were zigzag springs and client wanted the seat to be firmer. After checking to determine the strength of the frame, it was decided to remove all the existing seat springs and to put 27 new springs (instead of the original 20) and new spring clips in the seat. We also added 3 stabilizing rods across the width of the sofa to better allow the springs to support more weight evenly. To allow the frame to handle the extra strain of the addition springs, we repaired and strengthened the frame, as well as adding more wood blocks to reinforce weak joints. The frame also had multiple separating joints which had to be repaired. The frame needed to be strengthened We reglued and clamped the frame, added additional blocks to make the weak joints stronger and to further strengthen the frame. we added screws to many joints to make them stronger. We replaced all the foam in the sofa with high quality foam: The seat cushions have a firm core surrounded by a wrap around pocket containing a high quality softer foam. We put new foam in the back cushions. We made the back cushions twice as thick as they were before, making the back a lot more comfortable and giving much more support. We also put new soft foam in the sofa arm pillows, wrapped with Dacron.

  • Schmitt Sofa

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  • Pflueg Sofa

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  • Wilson Sofa

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  • Nelson Sofa

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    The client sent us a picture. We created a drawing from the picture and then applied the fabric to the drawing to give an idea of how the sofa would look on the sofa in her living room. This sofa sat very low to the ground. We rasided the back of the sofa, added springs to the back, rebuild the cushions with new down ticking.

  • Evan Sofa

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